Your ideal start to a wonderful night

Our dinner menu is always the right choice when you are looking for something special and delicious before going to the theater or enjoying a relaxing evening.  Every evening of the week we prepare only the finest quality Japanese cuisine for your special evening meal.



Soup or Salad, Shrimp Appetizer, Vegetables, Ice Cream




CROWN SPECIAL                                                            

Lobster Tail & Filet Mignon

Served with Suimono Soup, Okada Salad, Shrimp Appetizer and Hibachi Vegetables

OKADA SPECIAL (for two)                                            

 Lobster Tail, N.Y. Cut Steak & Scallops or Shrimps

Served with Suimono soup, Okada Salad, Shrimp Appetizer and Hibachi vegetables. Plus a bottle of Hot sake and Sashimi Appetizer (Regular)

TWIN LOBSTER                                                              

Served with Suimono  Soup. Okada Salad, Shrimp Appetizer and Hibachi Vegetables 2pcs of Lobster Tail.

SAMURAI SPECIAL                                                        

Served with Suimono Soup Okada Salad Shrimp Appetizer and Hibachi Vegetables N.Y. Cut Steak Chicken and choice of shrimps or scallops


Served with Suimono Soup, Okada Salad, Shrimp Appetizer and Hibachi Vegetables

New York Cut Steak                                                                

Choicest of Cuts, cooked to your liking

Filet Mignon                                                                             

Select choice Tenderloin, Specially prepared to your liking

Hibachi Chicken                                                                        

Plump and boneless chicken, carefully seasoned

Hibachi Shrimp                                                                          

Tasty Shrimp with sliced and diced Plump, sure to please the Shrimp lover

Hibachi Scallops                                                                        

Tender buttery Scallops

 Hibachi Salmon                                                                       

A generous portion of exquisite fresh salmon. 

 Calamari Steak                                                                         

Finest quality Calamari, gently seasoned. A delightful Viking culinary treat.

Hibachi Seafood Special                                                          

A delightful Ocean’s Trio: Lobster Tail, delicate Scallops and tender  Shrimps.

Hibachi Garden                                                                          

Chef’s choice. A combination of assorted succulent garden fresh Vegetables, seasoned to perfection. 


Served with Suimon Soup, Okada Salad, Shrimp Appetizer and Hibachi Vegetables.

Genji  Special                                                                             

Filet Mignon & Shrimp

Seiji Special                                                                               

N.Y. Steak & Scallops

Imperial Special                                                                         

N.Y. Steak & Chicken

Kabuki  Special                                                                          

Filet Mignon & Scallops

Reikyu Special                                                                           

N.Y. Steak & Shrimp

Jubei Special                                                                               

Chicken & Shrimp